Celebration Chicago: Loth-wolf Cosplayer Interview

The mystical and mysterious Loth-wolf got a lot of love at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Not only were there two plush Loth-wolves included in the merchandise lineup, but there was also a 6-foot tall Loth-wolf with a Lothal backdrop in the Celebration Store, making it the perfect photo op for Star Wars Rebels fans.

There was another Loth-wolf roaming the convention floor, however, and this particular fan — Kazzen — caught everyone’s attention, especially at the Episode IX panel, where Warwick Davis asked the Loth-wolf a few brief questions.

We reached out to Kazzen to learn more about the costume and the extraordinary work that went into creating the furry suit.

Star Wars Rebels is my favorite Star Wars, and you did such an amazing job capturing one of the coolest creatures in the series. What made you choose to cosplay as a Loth-wolf at Celebration Chicago?

The Loth-wolf is what got me into watching Star Wars Rebels. I saw a picture of one and fell in love! I prefer cosplaying as creatures over humanoids, so I made my favorite Star Wars creature.

What sort of materials did you use and how long did it take you to build the entire thing? Do you have a history of creating elaborate costumes?

It took a month to build my costume. I mainly used faux fur, clay, and lots of foam. I have been building creature costumes as a hobby the past 3 years.

What sort of difficulties did you encounter along the way?

Mainly, time. Normally, I need more than a month to build a suit. Making the Loth-wolf was a last-minute decision after seeing the plushies would be sold at the con.

How was your Celebration? Any particular memories that stand out for you?

I loved Celebration!!! I got to meet a few celebrity guests and see the Star Wars IX panel. I made a lot of new friends. I even got a tattoo of my favorite Star Wars character at the con. It was a great experience!

What about Star Wars Rebels captured your attention? What do you miss most about it?

I loved the storyline and wish there was more than just four seasons. Every episode matters. No fillers. The characters are lovable and all have their own unique backstory. I’m going to miss seeing all their adventures.

Lastly, there are so many fans out there who aren’t motivated enough to watch the animated shows. Why do you think they should start diving into that material?

First, every new Star Wars story is worth checking out. The universe as a whole is amazing, animated or not. Second, there are characters in Rebels that can be found in books or have small parts in the movies. They have much bigger rolls in Rebels. Same goes for Clone WarsResistance, I have yet to see but plan to soon.

You can follow Kazzen on Twitter and Facebook for more awesome and furry creations. Click here to see the progress behind the Loth-wolf costume, from concept to completion.

Curious about where the Celebration Store Loth-wolf ended up? Lucasfilm, of course.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm
Construction Photos: Kazzen
Convention Photos: Radical Grid

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