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Comic-Con 2019: Star Wars Fashion Collaborations Panel Highlights

Star Wars fashion has come a long way from logo t-shirts and hoodies. Today, there’s a wide selection of apparel and accessories for men and women, and the collaborations between Lucasfilm and renowned brands just keeps growing. To keep us up to date with the latest collections and what’s to come, fans at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development process of some of our favorite Star Wars fashion and accessories.

Moderated by Lucasfilm’s Senior Designer (on footwear and accessories) Tatiana Salaverria, the panel featured designers and creators from Stance, TOMS, RockLove Jewelry, and Heroes & Villains.


Star Wars fashion includes everything from head to toe, including socks! While Stance is known for their character-based socks, they recently turned to Ralph McQuarrie for inspiration, searching the Lucasfilm archives for original prints and designs for their McQuarrie collection, as seen below.

Promotional photo featuring Star Wars socks and sketches.
Credit: Lucasfilm

“The cool thing about designing for socks is you take a flat rectangle and you turn it into a cylinder,” explained Art Designer Andrew Reyes in an exclusive video. “Something really magical happens when you take that sock for the first time and fold it over the foot form and you see your rectangle come to life. It’s a game changer at that point. You only get 200 pixels at most across to actually make your design, so everything counts.”

With the Skywalker saga coming to an end later this year, Stance will be releasing 9 different pairs of socks based on each film, and each trilogy will be packaged into 3-packs.

For this new collection, Reyes took the main and most impressive moments from each movie and layered them on top of each other. He added, “So, you have this triple entendre meaning, especially for the one of A New Hope. It’s Luke training with the remote droid on top of the Tatooine suns on top of C-3PO’s face.” Each sock comes with this kind of layering and playful approach because then it becomes an easter egg hunt of sorts.


While Stance focused on Ralph McQuarrie concept art, TOMS took a different approach and grabbed inspiration from storyboard artwork. From there, Nathan Photavath (Senior Footwear Designer) and his team were able to take certain elements and create vibrant prints for men, women, and children.

And that was just the beginning of their collaboration with Lucasfilm. Later this year, TOMS will be releasing a second capsule collection.

“We wanted to take some of your favorite characters and sort of imagine if they were to be here modern day, what shoes would they wear?” said Salaverria when introducing this upcoming collection. Photavath mentioned how these shoes are more lifestyle-inspired and how they wanted to focus on subtle design details. The Leia shoe, for example, has some of the quilting detail seen on her vest in The Empire Strikes Back.

Expect to see these new shoes for the entire family in November 2019. For now, here are some additional photos we took of the shoes displayed at their booth:

RockLove Jewelry

RockLove’s Allison Cimino talked about her partnership with Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein and bringing the Ahsoka Tano ring to life.

“We got to collaborate together. She really helped me make this a special piece because together we chose enamel colors… and then, when asking her [about] this perfect place on the inside of the band of the ring where we can put a quote, it was Ashley who said we have to put ‘Ahsoka Lives’ on the inside. So, it’s a really organic collaboration between Ashley and RockLove.”

Even more exciting is the second collection RockLove will be launching later this fall at New York Comic Con. Until then, watch the video we captured during here.

Heroes & Villains

Not many people are aware of this, but Heroes & Villains was originally part of Bioworld. Creative Director Doug Johnson went on to talk about how interacting with fans allowed them to create a different approach, specifically converting it to a direct-to-consumer brand.

“We really wanted to hone in our perspective and do something that’s relatable with you guys — that we can have these conversations at the convention, [and] we can go back and create lines. We hear you. We know what you want. We’re all fans, too.”

One of the ways they interact with fans is by letting them choose what the next SDCC collection will be on their website. The theme that won this year was Sith vs. Jedi, and if you missed your chance to vote last year, click here to choose what collection you want to see at SDCC 2020.

Featured and Convention: BlueJaigEyes
Official Images: Lucasfilm

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