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Celebration Chicago: LEGO Star Wars Animation Panel

This article was originally published on the now-defunct website The Wookiee Gunner and transferred over to Radical Grid.

Looking back at these past few years of Star Wars storytelling, some of my favorite characters and explorations of the Force came from LEGO Star Wars. Not many realize the rich stories found in shows like LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures and LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars, but those who followed them closely were treated to a special panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

For those not familiar, The Freemaker Adventures and All-Stars introduced us to original and lovable characters, seamlessly weaved their stories in and out of the live-action movies, and left us with burning questions.

One of those unanswered questions was what happened to Rowan Freemaker after the end of The Freemaker Adventures? We know Zander Freemaker and Becky Smoochenbacher had Moxie, and Kordi Freemaker went on to become a New Republic senator, but what about the youngest brother? The one with a unique connection to the Force. Thankfully, creator Bob Roth gave us that answer at the panel, and it ties back to one of my favorite episodes in season 2, “The Tower of Alistan Nor.” You can read more about Rowan’s fate here.

Additionally, thanks to Brick Fanatics, you can watch the full panel below and learn more about how these two shows were made:


After you’re done watching the panel, keep scrolling to catch some of the concept art and images unveiled during the panel:

Needless to say, we miss these two LEGO Star Wars shows and how they expanded the Star Wars galaxy in fun and unique ways.

What do you miss most about them? Which details would you like to see explored further in other stories? What LEGO Star Wars show would you like to see next? Share your comments below.

Key Art: Lucasfilm

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