An Ahsoka Tano inspired ring sitting on cloth.

Star Wars Fashion: RockLove Jewelry Interview

This interview was originally published on the now-defunct website The Wookiee Gunner and transferred over to Radical Grid.

Star Wars means something different to everyone, but there’s one thing we can all agree on. It has the power to inspire creativity and spark the imagination. How else would you explain the elaborate cosplays, incredible fan art, and the wonderful stories of how Star Wars encouraged people to create their own content.

The galaxy far, far away has that positive effect on a variety of people, including the founder of RockLove Jewelry, Allison Cimino. When she announced a team-up with Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars in early 2017, her dreams became reality and her imagination continued to soar even higher.

Cimino unveiled the highly anticipated Star Wars X RockLove jewelry collection at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, and one piece — the Ahsoka Tano ring — sold out that same morning. She wrote on Instagram, “I legitimately burst into tears in the booth when I saw how many people were on the website and how fast pieces were going. Your support and kind words have me humbled and overwhelmed.”

We reached out to RockLove Jewelry and caught up with Cimino to learn more about how the collection was made.

An Ahsoka Tano inspired ring sitting on cloth.
Credit: RockLove Jewelry

“It has always been a dream of mine to create a Star Wars collection, and I knew that if I had the opportunity, I would explore on the more obscure characters and far flung places that make the Star Wars galaxy so vast,” Cimino told us. “The new line highlights small characters with big personalities and fierce female warriors within the franchise, like the Gonk droid and Ahsoka Tano, along with some necessary tools of the trade, like the thermal detonator and AT-AT.”

Needless to say, the Star Wars X RockLove jewelry collection is also a dream come true for most fans, but the average consumer doesn’t think about the process of taking a rough sketch and transforming it into tangible pieces of jewelry. Cimino briefly walked us through the process.

“When I begin sketching a new collection, I first re-watch, re-read, and research to ensure that I am honoring what drew me to that franchise in the first place. I let my mind wander and then follow the trail as I reflect on memories, details, and ideas. Like how a character moves or how I could translate a particularly unique piece of costuming. After sketches comes 3D sculpting, then CAD prints and molds for the lost wax casting method. When a sample’s personality shines through, then the design is ready for production!”

As for how licensing plays a role in the production process, it’s easy to forget how the licensee can come across multiple obstacles, but Cimino felt extremely grateful for Lucasfilm’s enthusiastic support along the way.

“I’ve worked closely with the consumer products team since day one to ensure that each step of the process is a collaboration,” she said. “Knowledgeable fans themselves, they can tap into concept art, props, and more so that even my wildest ideas can become reality. And our teamwork ensures that RockLove’s designs remain authentic while most accurately depicting the galaxy we all love.”

The thought process behind the initial 11-piece collection carefully took subtle details from the Star Wars galaxy and converted those details into stunning designs, but it begs the question. Were there some designs that didn’t move onto the next stage of production and stayed behind as a sketch?

“The Star Wars universe is so vast and so in-depth that there’s always room to expand,” she responded. “So far the only reason an idea hasn’t made it to the next step is because a better idea came along and took priority!”

The second part of RockLove’s Star Wars X RockLove jewelry collection debuted in December 2019, and she talked about how this part of the collection enhanced the overall experience for her.

“The conclusion of the Skywalker saga is bittersweet, but I’m excited to see what Lucasfilm brings us next,” she said. “And while the galaxy expands, we’ll always cherish those catalyst characters. It’s humbling to think that my little AT-AT or Jawa Necklace might help a fellow fan feel connected to the Star Wars legacy.”

A Jawa necklace and matching earrings sitting on sand.
Credit: RockLove Jewelry

While we adore what RockLove currently has to offer, we also can’t help but think about what’s on the horizon, especially since every brand has a dream collection they want to design and work on next.

“Mustn’t spoil the magic…” said Cimino, making us all the more excited for what’s to come. “You will have to keep an eye on RockLove’s social media to see my next teasers!”

We will definitely keep a close eye, especially as we get closer to New York Comic Con in October, where she will bring the Star Wars X RockLove collection to the eastern coast after debuting it at San Diego Comic-Con.

“I’m really proud of this collection, as it is a unique blend of the more obscure characters that might not come to mind at first, while also celebrating the larger, signature characters that everyone knows so well. The Star Wars universe has so many great cornerstones, the directions are limitless! As I continue the collaborative process with Lucasfilm, there will be many more of these characters, planets, and vehicles launching in the future!”

Until then, visit RockLove to shop the Star Wars X RockLove collection. Afterward, make sure to follow RockLove Jewelry on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook for regular updates, flash sales, and upcoming releases.

Product Photos: RockLove Jewelry

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