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The Mandalorian and the Armorer
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What Happened to the Mandalorians?

We have many questions about what happened to the Mandalorians, we don’t even know where to begin!

For every new episode of The Mandalorian, we’ll pick one topic to focus on. For this week’s episode, what happened to the Mandalorians?

This is the question I keep asking myself and something I desperately want answered in The Mandalorian, especially after watching “Chapter 3: The Sin.”

After the Mandalorian receives his payment in the form of beskar, he takes it to the Armorer. It draws the attention of the other Mandalorians in hiding and one of them mentions how it’s insulting to use Imperial beskar because of how they crushed their planet for the material.

This exchange implies the resistance formed by Bo-Katan and the other clans who pledged their allegiance to her in Star Wars Rebels failed. If the Mandalorians were scattered like sand rats, does that mean Bo-Katan was killed in the fight against the Empire? Does Mandalore look like Swiss cheese because the Empire mined it for its beskar? And what happened to the other planets in the Mandalorian sector? How were they affected by the events on Mandalore?

If you thought I was done asking questions, think again. What happened to characters like Fenn Rau, Ursa Wren, and the other Mandalorians we met? If they survived, are they also living in hiding? Do they also believe “This is the way,” even after the Empire was toppled over? Why isn’t there a leader during this lawless time? Is this why Sabine lived on Lothal? Because Mandalorians now live as nomads in hiding?

And since when have Mandalorians not taken off their helmets? That wasn’t the practice during Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels. I understand the Empire wounded their pride and took so much from them, but not taking off their helmets sounds a bit extreme. I hope their current practices get fleshed out some more because they’re jarring from what we’ve seen before.

That said, Chapter 3 is the best episode of the season, so far, because it helps solidify the Mandalorian’s personality. At the same time, it raises so many questions regarding thing that makes him Mandalorian. The series will no doubt answer some of the more general questions as it moves forward. I’m just being impatient because Star Wars Rebels left us with a hopeful ending for the Mandalorians. It felt like they stood a chance against the Empire, but The Mandalorian gives us a very grim look at the results.

Also, did anyone else catch the credits at the end? I didn’t (because I was overly excited and forgot to check), but many thanks to Mike Audette for pointing out the name of the Mandalorian who challenged our protagonist. His name is Paz Vizsla. A Vizsla! Again, it just reinforces how the Empire took drastic measures against the Mandalorians to the point where it disrupted the traditional Clan and House structure and forced the survivors to live as “tribes.”

It breaks my heart to know the Empire brought Mandalore to its knees, but it needs to get back up again. Mandalorians need to make a comeback and we got a taste of that at the end of this episode. Hopefully, it’s a sign of good things to come.

What were your thoughts on Chapter 3? Stream The Mandalorian on Disney+ and keep an eye out for more of my follow-up thoughts.


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