Mika Grey standing in an ominous room.

Star Wars Resistance: Mika Grey is My New Favorite Character

Thanks to “The Relic Raider,” I can put Mika Grey next to Synara San and Commander Pyre as one of my top favorite Star Wars Resistance characters. We barely know anything about her, but the fact that she was inspired by Asajj Ventress is enough to give her the “favorite character” title.

What I find most intriguing about her is her choice in profession.

Sometimes, war isn’t just about explosive battles. It’s about strategic blows that chip away at the other side’s objectives. Mika Grey represents that line of thinking. She goes after Force relics and makes sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands, specifically the First Order.

Speaking of the Force, it’s true what Mika tells Eila, “The Force doesn’t belong to any one person. It is something that is inside all of us. We just find it in different ways.” Just like the Nightsisters and the Bardottans in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The found and connected with the Force differently.

That said, how did Mika become familiar with the Jedi, the Sith, and the Force during a time when people like Kaz don’t believe in that stuff? Is her culture or religion rooted in the Force? Is she a scholar of some kind and happened upon the information by accident? Basically, I just want to know more about her and her history as a relic raider. What other objects did she find? What did she do with the ones she recovered?

It’ll be interesting to see whether Mika picks up on Eila’s Force sensitive nature, since it was hinted back in season 1. Could we potentially see Eila and Kel exit the show with Mika when it’s time for her to go? As much as I want the children of Tehar to stick around, they deserve to be with someone who understands the Force and who’s able to act as a guide.

One thing’s for sure. Mika won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It looks like she’ll make another appearance in “Kaz’s Curse” on December 8, where Kaz is forced to seek her help. Hopefully, we’ll get more answers about this mysterious new character.

Star Wars Resistance airs Sundays on the Disney Channel. New episodes are also available on demand through DisneyNOW.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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