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Venisa Doza shooting at incoming stormtroopers.
Credit: Lucasfilm


The Doza Family Secret in STAR WARS RESISTANCE is Everything I Wanted

I love the dads in RESISTANCE, but it’s about time a mom showed up to blow stuff up!

If you heard a scream in the distance while watching the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, chances are that was me in fangirl mode because I’ve been chanting “please be Torra’s mom, please be Torra’s mom, please be Torra’s mom” ever since we saw a glimpse of this new lady pilot in a promotional video.

Here’s proof:

Add to that the mention of Torra’s mom in Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy and my interview with Myrna Velasco earlier this year, where I brought up her mom in conversation, it’s no wonder I jumped for joy when Torra finally revealed the truth in “Rendezvous Point.”

“I mean, don’t you think it’s funny that Torra’s a really great pilot, but you’ve never seen Captain Doza in a racer or a fighter or anything?” said Velasco during the interview. “Her mother plays a huge part in her life.”

Knowing Venisa Doza had that much of an impact on her daughter’s life is something that truly warms my heart.

It’s no secret how I have a special relationship with my own mom. She’s the reason why I want to see more mothers doing amazing things in the Star Wars galaxy. They’re heroes in every sense of the word, and I’m incredibly happy to see how Venisa embodies that word through and through.

While mother and daughter weren’t able to reunite in this episode, Torra understanding the reasons why just reinforces how remarkably mature she is for her age. She grew up conscious of her parents’ pasts and how their individual experiences play a vital role in the fight to save their future.

That said, I do hope they’re able to meet each other again, especially as this war with the First Order continues to escalate. It’d be wonderful for Venisa to see how much her daughter has grown since the last time she saw her. She’s an exceptional pilot and on her way to becoming a capable leader, like her father.

Also, as someone who loves to ship characters together, Imanuel and Venisa make my heart sing, especially since my best friend and I had been shipping them long before she was introduced. Our version of Torra’s mom was called Mayra, and just like in our headcanons, she was the reason why Imanuel defected from the Empire. Here’s hoping we get that romance story down the line.

What made this episode even more emotional? It was Torra’s birthday! It also happened to be the 5th anniversary of the Star Wars Rebels episode “Gathering Forces,” where Ezra also celebrated his birthday while admiring a hologram of his parents, just like Torra at the end of this episode.

Star Wars Resistance airs Sundays on the Disney Channel. New episodes are also available on demand through DisneyNOW.


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