Synara San shooting her blaster at a bounty hunter.

Star Wars Resistance: Best Character Arc Goes to Synara San

As Star Wars Resistance continues to wind down and get closer to its series finale, I can’t help but look back and see how the characters have evolved since the series premiere. While most of them have experienced growth, the character who transformed and changed the most over the course of the narrative is Synara San.

Not only is Synara the best character in Star Wars Resistance (I may be biased because I love her so much), but she went from a pirate attacking the Colossus to an independent badass wanting to protect the Colossus and its people, as seen in the latest episode, “The Mutiny.”

Let’s take a closer look at her journey throughout the series.

A Pirate’s Life

We first see Synara in “The Triple Dark.” She sits beside Kragan, the pirate leader, as they descend through the storm, ready to attack the Colossus. Her first words are “Let’s trash this place!” She’s mindlessly following orders, just like the other pirates, not caring who gets hurt in the process.

Kragan Gorr and Synara San planning to attack the Colossus.
Credit: Lucasfilm

Synara’s also present when Kragan speaks to Major Vonreg and Captain Phasma. She’s an accomplice in the First Order’s scheme to take over the Colossus, and she visibly has no problem with it. She’s just another pirate in the mix, doing her pirate thing. These activities are standard for her because this is the only way of life she knows.

Things start to change after she infiltrates the Colossus.

Pirate Spy

When she’s brought to the platform in “Signal from Sector Six,” she boards it with the intention of spying for Kragan. She smiles to herself in the lift as the episode ends because she’s doing something beneficial in the eyes of Kragan and her pirate crew. It’s not until she starts to get to know the people better in “Synara’s Score” that things truly start to change. She ultimately acts on orders and gives the pirates a way in, but her growing friendship with Tam has a positive effect on her.

Synara San and Tam Ryvora at a railing and staring off at the ocean.
Credit: Lucasfilm

After Tam talks about her life story, Synara says, “It seems we both want the same thing. More than what life has offered us.” By her stating this, she acknowledges how life didn’t deal her the best cards and how she craves more in life. I consider this a crucial moment for Synara because change begins with awareness.

There is another scene in “Synara’s Score” that also plays a part in opening her worldview. Pirates often look out for themselves, so for Synara to discover someone who wants to watch her back, like how Tam does during the pirate attack, it’s unexpected and puts things into perspective for her.

Growing Friendships

After the events in “Synara’s Score,” Synara continues to easily blend into the community. She even becomes familiar with Flix and Orka’s penchant for surprises in the Star Wars Resistance short “Treasure Chest” and Kaz’s desire to find parts for the Fireball in “Bibo.” Just like how Tam became a friend to her, she’s becoming a friend to others around her.

Speaking of “Bibo,” after Kaz points out the pirate alarm, Synara is the one who dodges the security droids in order to activate the alarm and get the people to safety during the creature attack. This would have been the perfect opportunity for her to sabotage the doors and contact Kragan to let him know about the station’s vulnerability, but instead, she encourages Kaz to join the aces and she repairs the market’s doors.

Synara San secretly talking with Kragan Gorr.
Credit: Lucasfilm

Even Kragan a few episodes later in “The Doza Dilemma,” reminds Synara to not forget about her “real friends,” since she hasn’t been in communication with him or the others. This episode does a fantastic job at showing her internal conflict between following orders (breaking into Doza Tower) and doing the right thing by the people she’s come to know (saving Torra). You can even see the look of shame and feel her hesitation when she ultimately uses Torra’s code to get into the tower. 

She contacts Kragan afterward and confronts him, but he calls her soft and believes her friendship with these people has blinded her. The moment the transmission ends, she refuses to follow his orders and decides to put a stop to his plan. It’s fascinating to see her moral compass take full control and point her in the right direction. She’s not the mindless pirate we saw at the beginning of the series. She’s been shaped by her positive experiences on the Colossus and rejects Kragan’s schemes instead of being a pawn in them.

When “The First Order Occupation” comes around, however, Synara is desperate to get off the platform. She had the opportunity to leave with the other pirates during the kidnapping, but her desire to help Torra took priority. While she has friends she could potentially count on, revealing she’s a pirate spy could sour friendships or result in her arrest. Thankfully, Kaz knows the truth and he’s willing to provide escape options. When she asks him why he’s helping her, he says, “You might be a pirate, but I know you’re a good person.”

Synara San with two unconscious stormtroopers at her feet. Kaz is staring.
Credit: Lucasfilm

She confirms his observation even further when she leaves her main escape route through the transport in favor of helping Kaz. Synara is a good person. This is a fact we’ve known all along, but it’s important for Synara to hear it. Sure, she’s done good things, but to be told she’s a good person? That solidifies the kind of path she’ll find herself on, especially in the second season.

Before Synara leaves the Colossus, she tells him, “I want to thank you, Kaz. Being here has opened my eyes to so many things.” She thanks him because he’s the reason why Synara was on the station in the first place. If it weren’t for him, she’d still be with the pirates. She wouldn’t have learned the value of friendship and doing good.

These are two things that push her to convince Kragan and the pirates to come back in the season 1 finale and provide aid to the Colossus. Instead of following Kragan’s orders and attacking the station, like how we first see her in the series, she takes the lead and protects the station and its pilots.

Concerned Protector

Having grown from her past experiences, Synara enters season 2 more informed and ready to act as the voice of reason, often presenting a more practical viewpoint to those around her, like how she wisely advises Kragan to retreat when hunting for the jakoosk in “Hunt on Celsor 3.”

Most importantly, the second season shows how Synara doesn’t let her emotions or newfound relationships cloud her judgment. Kaz made a mistake by sending Tam that message at the start of season 2. It put all of them in danger.

Synara San warning Kazuda Xiono and Neeku Vozo while standing in an elevator.
Credit: Lucasfilm

Having been on the other side before, Synara knows firsthand how information is vital and necessary in order to find your enemy’s vulnerabilities. Tam is her friend, but she willingly chose to be with the First Order. That’s enough for Synara to set aside emotions and think reasonably because their survival moving forward depends on it.

In the second season, we also see how she’s more concerned about the welfare of the Colossus and its people. This results in her acting as a mediator or bridge between the platform’s residents and the pirates, like when she convinces Kragan to partake in the salvaging mission in “A Quick Salvage Run.” She also tags along with Neeku, Kaz, CB-23, and the highly explosive coaxium to offer an extra pair of hands should they need it. She ultimately says and does things to benefit everyone as a whole.

Kazuda Xiono and Synara San aiming their blasters at Nenavakasa Nalor.
Credit: Lucasfilm

So when Nenavakasa Nalo (also known as Nena) enters the picture in “The Engineer,” Synara approaches the situation with careful and observant eyes. During a time when they are being hunted, it’s important to be extra vigilant, but Synara is the only one asking the right questions, “If she’s such a good engineer, why couldn’t she fix her own ship? What do you really know about her?”

These are the kinds of questions Kaz and the others should have asked about Synara when she was brought to the Colossus back in season 1, but Synara expertly deceived those around her. She knows how infiltrators think, so it’s no surprise Synara finds Nena’s intentions suspicious right from the start.

Part of the Family

As Synara becomes more involved with the station’s missions, she starts to leave her pirate attachments behind. Instead, we see her use her various skills in support of Resistance-related activities.

Synara San holding a weapon while Kazuda Xiono interrogates someone.
Credit: Lucasfilm

The recent 2-part episode (“The Missing Agent” and “Breakout”) not only demonstrates Synara’s exceptional skill in hand-to-hand combat and her willingness to put her own life on the line, it also displays how she’s trustworthy and reliable. She has so much potential to do great things, and I’m glad she finally realizes that in “The Mutiny.”

Back in “The Doza Dilemma,” Synara briefly explains to Torra and the others how “her father” taught her how to shoot on Vanqor. As Kragan makes his way off the Colossus, he tells her, “I took you off the streets of Vanqor. Raised you like a daughter!” Is Kragan the father figure Synara mentions? Regardless, her debt to Kragan held her back this entire time. She felt indebted to him, but in the process, she was denying herself the opportunity to have a better life.

Synara San standing with the Colossus crew.
Credit: Lucasfilm

And now, Synara is able to live her life the way she wants and continue to be the good person she sees in herself. She went from a pillaging and plundering pirate to a productive member of the Platform’s community. Her journey is both inspiring and empowering because it’s not about the hand you’re dealt, it’s about what you do with those cards and how you play the game. Synara made the most with what she had and transformed herself into the best version of herself.

With Star Wars Resistance swiftly coming to an end, we probably won’t see how she’ll continue to play the game. Given her incredibly smart and strategic approach, however, I think she has a bright future ahead of her, so here’s hoping season 2 of Resistance isn’t the last we see of Synara San.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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