Kazuda Xiono surprised to see his father alive.

Star Wars Resistance: Unanswered Questions We’re Still Thinking About

I know Star Wars fans naturally move on to the next big thing. The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars starts on Friday, February 21, and fans can digitally bring home Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on March 17. Star Wars Celebration is only a few months away and the second season of The Mandalorian premieres in the fall.

There’s a lot to be excited about, but I’m still thinking about the Star Wars Resistance series finale and the loose ends it left untied.

Don’t get me wrong. I genuinely enjoyed the action-packed and emotional two-part series ender. I gasped, screamed, flailed, and even teared up, but it left me with several unanswered questions.

Here are 5 topics I find myself thinking about from time to time:

Kaz’s Dad

Kaz witnesses the destruction of his home planet, Hosnian Prime, in the season 1 finale. He comes to grips with the loss and continues the fight for the only home he has left — the Colossus.

Suddenly, in “A Quick Salvage Run,” Kaz receives a coded transmission from none other than his father, Hamato Xiono. Kaz learns the rest of his family are alive and living off-world. His father even warns him about bounty hunters, something that comes to pass in “The Missing Agent,” before the message cuts off.

Credit: Lucasfilm

That’s the last time we see Hamato. Kaz mentions him and his family briefly in later episodes, but the Xiono family storyline remains largely untouched throughout the season. Where are they? Does Kaz try contacting them again? How does Kaz’s mom feel about her son joining the Resistance?

I have so many questions about the Xiono family, but not much in the way of answers.

Tam’s Relationships

There is no doubt Tam plays a key part in Synara’s character arc, which I talk about extensively here. Tam essentially shows Synara what it means to be a friend. Sadly, Tam betrays them and joins the First Order, while Synara returns to the Colossus and helps her friends. With Tam back on the good side, where is my Tam and Synara reunion hug? To add to that, what about the rift between Hype and Tam?

Synara San and Tam Ryvora at a railing and staring off at the ocean.
Credit: Lucasfilm

I know the finale didn’t have enough time to focus on these moments, but the series did such a great job at establishing these relationships in the first season, it was a bummer to see them take a back seat.

The Other Aces

The second season was kind to both Hype and Griff because we got to learn more about their backgrounds. Hype used to race for Vranki the Blue, and Griff walked away from the Empire with Captain Doza.

The second season, however, was not kind to Freya and Bo. We know absolutely nothing about these two characters. There were so many opportunities to drop some information about them, like when Freya tagged along with Kaz and Torra in “The Relic Raider.” Instead, she was written off to the side to gather supplies.

The Ace pilots talking with Captain Doza at a casino.
Credit: Lucasfilm

Who were they before they came to the Colossus? We know the platform is their home, but what brought them there? Griff stayed because of his loyalty to Doza, but what compelled them to stay on the station all those years?

Relic Hunter

Resistance introduced us to one of the coolest characters. Mika Grey hunts down Force-related relics and makes it her business to keep such objects away from the First Order.

Given her knowledge of the Force, I thought we were going to see her become a part-time mentor or guide to Eila, since the young Teharan clearly has a connection to the Force. I even imagined Eila and Kel going on relic hunting adventures with Mika, but all three of them quietly drifted off into the background.

Kazuda Xiono looking back at Mika Grey and Eila as they talk with each other.
Credit: Lucasfilm

Where were their stories going? If Mika, at some point, felt it was time for her to go, would Eila and Kel follow? Would they carry on Mika’s legacy as relic hunters?

Elusive Engineer

Resistance also introduced us to Nenavakasa Nalor (Nena, for short), who quickly became friends with Neeku.

We eventually discovered her dealings with the First Order, but her escape led us all to believe we would see her again one day in the near future. She’s out there somewhere, living with the knowledge that she betrayed Neeku and his friends. Did the First Order find and eliminate her for failing to sabotage the Colossus? Or is she still out there, carrying the regret of her actions on her shoulders?

Nenavakasa Nalor contacting Commander Pyre from her ship.
Credit: Lucasfilm

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but a third season would have been perfect, since certain storylines and characters were relegated to the background in order to focus on the hunt for the Colossus and Tam’s growing conflict with the First Order. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get these questions answered in the future. For now, I’ll just let my imagination do the work.

The second and final season of Star Wars Resistance will join the Disney+ library on February 25, 2020.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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