An image of Dathomir with the title, "Bug," by E. Anne Convery.

The Clone Wars: E. Anne Convery Interview

Missing Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Same here!

Thankfully, Disney-Lucasfilm Press published an anthology of Clone Wars stories called The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark. I virtually sat down with E. Anne Convery to talk about her short story, “Bug.”

We talked about her previous writing experience with Her Universe, finding the balance between worldbuilding and advancing the plot, character names and their meanings, journeys of self-discovery, the role of dejarik in the story, naming ash-beetles (this will make more sense in the episode), and more!

During the interview, I also mention a drawing I made based one of the story’s characters, Ichor.

Thanks for tuning in! Before you leave, make sure to follow Anne on Instagram (@e_anne_convery) and Twitter (@Morwen74).

Featured Image Background: Lucasfilm
Featured Image Title and Author: Disney-Lucasfilm Press

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