Hondo Ohnaka standing with his Kowakian monkey-lizard on his shoulder.

Pin Highlight: A Golden and Adorable Hondo Ohnaka

Whenever I think of pirates, two people come to mind: Captain Jack Sparrow and Hondo Ohnaka. They’re both strange and eccentric characters with memorable scenes and iconic lines of dialogue, but unlike Jack, Hondo has never been transformed into an enamel pin.

That is, until now.

Meet the fan-made “Golden Captain Ohnaka” pin by CoralSnakeGoods. The Etsy description reads, “Have you ever found yourself asking ‘Why is there no gold plated hard enamel pins of Hondo Ohnaka?’ Well you’re in luck my friends because now one such pin exists! A pin so gold even Hondo would be proud (and probably swindle it out of you).”

A fan-made Hondo Ohnaka pin sitting on a slab of stone.
Credit: CoralSnakeGoods

Isn’t he adorable? I don’t have the golden version (pictured above), but I have the first Hondo-inspired pin CoralSnakeGoods made earlier in June. It became such a popular item, she sold out weeks later.

Some of you may be wondering why Hondo is a highly sought-after character. Well, for one, he’s one of those characters who walks a fine line between being a treacherous person with selfish motives and a loyal friend. While his desire for riches and tendency to scheme people are present early on in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, his character has been rounded out and given more layers over the years, especially through his appearances in Star Wars Rebels.

He’s also one of the few Star Wars characters who will have a brief appearance and steal the show every time. From “I’m semi-speechless” to “Now, now. Let’s not bring your wife into this,” Hondo gets the best lines and most of the laughs.

Last but not least, he’s one of the faces of Galaxy’s Edge. It always brings me great joy to know an animated character has made it that far in the Star Wars franchise. That said, it’s crazy he and some of the other Galaxy’s Edge characters don’t have their own merchandise, especially pins.

Thanks to CoralSnakeGoods, we can now adorn our backpacks and jackets with a pin that truly captures Hondo’s humorous and lovable nature.

“Golden Captain Ohnaka” is currently available for sale on Etsy, but be sure to grab one for yourself soon as supplies are limited.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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