A folded Star Wars themed sweatshirt sitting beside a journal.

“Skywalker Academy” Sweatshirt by Punch It Chewie Press

Gotta love the moment in season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars when Ahsoka tells Trace she attended “Skywalker Academy.” It makes you chuckle at first before the feels smack you across the face, reminding you of how Ahsoka left Anakin and the Jedi Order behind.

Heart-wrenching emotions aside, Punch It Chewie Press designed this clever alma mater-like sweatshirt that makes you feel like you’re a graduate from Skywalker Academy.

Credit: BlueJaigEyes

Here’s what you need to know to get one of your own:⁣

Release Day: Saturday, September 26⁣
Time: 9 AM PST⁣
Price: $35⁣
Sizes: S – XL, unisex sizing⁣
Where: PunchItChewiePress.com

Credit: BlueJaigEyes

Pair it up with a matching red or burgundy undershirt, black pants, and a Star Wars-y tote for a cozy and casual look during the cooler months of the year.

I’m also wearing my Lily Lolo natural lipstick from Verishop, specifically Berry Crush and Scarlet Red.

Credit: BlueJaigEyes

I’m wearing size L, since I like my sweatshirts to be extra spacious. In case that’s not your thing, the sweatshirt description on their website also includes more detailed sizing information to give you a better fit.

So, don’t forget! Saturday, September 26, at 9 AM PST. Be part of the Skywalker Academy crew. You don’t want to miss it!

Many thanks to PICP for sending a sweatshirt to me for this collaborative piece! I’m always happy to support fellow fans in the community.

Featured Image: BlueJaigEyes

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