Hi, my name is Johnamarie! I have a long and uncommon name, but my friends call me Johna (like Jonah and the Whale). I’m also known as BlueJaigEyes on social media. Speaking of which, I spend way too much time scrolling on Twitter and Instagram, I have a small (not really) obsession with pins, and I love being a kid at heart. I also have an active imagination, so you can catch me daydreaming or scribbling story ideas on a sheet of paper.

My goal is to get published one day. In the meantime, I love writing about my favorite geeky interests. That’s where Radical Grid (RG) comes in! Here at RG, you’ll find essays, commentaries, interviews with my favorite creators, accounts of my fun-filled adventures, pin and product highlights, the occasional news update, and much more!

As one of my good friends, John, once said, “My friend Johnamarie has arranged the things she loves and loves to write about along a ‘radical grid’ inspired by her love of Tron. It makes me happy when our imaginations inspire connections in the stories that bring us joy, and she taps into that as naturally as breathing.” I miss you and your kind heart, my friend.

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